$1000 bonus ford first respondersTo recognize the bravery and selflessness of our front-line workers, those who risk their lives daily so that we can stay safe, Smiths Falls Ford is pleased to extend an exclusive $1,000 Appreciation BONUS.

All eligible first responders (see customer eligibility below) that purchase or lease an eligible new Ford  vehicle in May or June 2020, will be entitled to an additional $1,000 Appreciation Bonus.It will also be combinable with all Built to Lend a Hand offers.

Eligible first responders include:

•    Canadian Forces Personnel: Active service personnel, current reservists, veterans and their respective spouses

•    First Responders: Active Canadian firefighters, police, EMT/paramedics, 911 dispatchers and their respective spouses

•    Professional Healthcare Workers: Active Nurses, Doctors and Professional Healthcare Workers at Canadian hospitals, clinics and retirement/nursing homes

•    Active Pharmacists/Pharmacist Technicians

BONUS is transferable to the eligible customer’s immediate family members with whom they are domiciled.*

*Please contact our team for details.

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